martingale betting strategy

The Martingale Betting Strategy

I think the method of negative progressive betting is commonly known to all and sundry in the world of casino gambling. The Martingale technique is a casino betting strategy which employs the negative progressive betting technique to the casino gambling game of roulette. The basic rule of roulette is that you place a wager on a particular pocket in which you expect the ball to come and land. But the Martingale technique is supposed to be more effective in an alteration of the game of roulette which is called the en prison roulette. In en prison roulette the gambler has the option to place his bet where he has a 1:1 probability of winning or losing, as in, the gambler may chose to bet on the black pockets or the red pockets. It is obvious that the ball will land in either a red pocket or a black pocket as there aren’t any pockets of any other color.

So if the betting limit is $100 and the minimum bet is $1, and then according to the Martingale technique, one has to start with the minimum wager and keep doubling his wager until he hits the swag or the limit is reached. So at this betting limit we may calculate that a player may double his wager only seven times. But the hard part is what happens if the limit is reached and you still haven’t gotten yourself any moolah to show for your “oh so effective” technique.

But here’s the thing; you get to double seven hands before you actually hit the limit as demonstrated by our example. And based on empirical evidence it may be confirmed that only once out of thrice would you turn in a loss on seven successive rolls of the wheel. So even if one win is offset by a loss, you make profits on every third game that you indulge in. You have to be awfully unlucky to consistently keep on losing seven successive hands and if that is so, you better not gamble.